Agility Cube going down a treat

Our Agility Cube is going down a treat with the children at a Fife School. Jamie went to the school recently to do a site check and was delighted to see the equipment being so well used.

The Cube is a combination of four different traversing agility trail items linked together to form a square.

Although space was not limited at this school the product is excellent if there is not enough space for a long activity trail. It will also require less safety surfacing as the products are not strung out in a line.

The configuration chosen by the school was as follows:

Hanging Log Steps Traverse

Traversing Net

Floating Steps

Rolling Log

Bonded mulch was the most suitable safety surfacing rather than smooth wet pour.

This is because the old playground surface had an uneven surface and bonded mulch is a more suitable product to deal with this.