Inclusive Play with a Musical Twist

Inclusive play with a musical twist

It has been well documented that outdoor play benefits children on many levels allowing them to learn from nature and interact with their environment. By introducing music into the setting the play becomes even more fun and therapeutic.

Children with or without additional support needs find that music is not only fun but also soothing, and a release from the every day thoughts.

It is important to allow the child to explore the musical instrument themselves and once they have had a chance to connect with the instrument guided teaching becomes a good idea.

Music is a form of communication and children are able to communicate their mood to each other which can be a release for them if they are reluctant to express themselves in other ways. Playing music is also good for brain development by increasing pattern recognition and spacial awareness. The music that is made with many of our instruments is easy to create and is not daunting hence being inclusive. It’s all about self expression and having fun!

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