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Need a stocking filler? We have plenty!

When you get to that point in your Christmas shopping when you need just a couple of extra things as a stocking filler – we’re here to help! Each of these gifts costs £35.00* or under.

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Steering Wheel – an excellent product for changing any climbing frame into a car, boat or any other imaginary vehicle. It encourages development of imagination and blends in well with timber products. £25.00

Periscope – a fun addition to many of our products or tree houses. It enables children to secretly spy on others creating new imaginary worlds. £20.00

Binoculars – the chunky design is robust and is mounted easily onto wood using the screws provided. Children can have a go at bird watching or just spy on each other! £20.00

Telescope – the unique design allows it to be mounted onto the play equipment. The telescope then swivels around allowing children to keep a good eye on their surroundings. It is purely for play purposes and does not enlarge but huge fun for the little ones. £20.00

Monkey Button –  made from heavy duty plastic and the ropes are waterproof polyhemp which are natural looking, soft to touch and long lasting. Hang from your any of our swing frames or from your favourite tree! £20.00

Camo Net – plastic and twine netting manufactured to the same standard as used by the armed forces and can be used for many purposes including theatre productions, or by nature photographers and bird watchers. £35.00

Check out our delivery rates and give us a call on 01577 840570 if you’d like further information. Alternatively email for further information on any of these stocking filler products or any of our larger items.

* Prices exclude delivery of £10.00 for all products up to the value of £50.00.