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Scotland’s first dementia friendly woodland opens

A Highland woodland becomes the first to be dementia friendly in Scotland. 

Evanton Community Woodland is welcoming people with additional support needs and encouraging them to enjoy their beautiful woodland space.

The area around the woodland cabin has been resurfaced to make it easier to walk around. New dementia-friendly signage has been installed on the compost toilet and outdoor sink. Other changes include areas around benches being made wheelchair accessible to encourage conversations and activities as well as new a woodland sign.

Staff are much easier to spot and are always happy to help.

Staff and volunteer uniforms to make them easily recognisable as the person to approach to ask for assistance.

Ian Findlay, Paths for All, Chief Officer said: “Improving outdoor spaces for people living with dementia is important to ensure they can get outside to benefit from sunlight, fresh air and sensory stimulation. If outdoor spaces are well designed for someone living with dementia, they are well designed for everyone.“ 

More information in an online article here.