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A fun day with Caledonia Play!

It was an early start for Órán and Sandy as they set off at 7am this morning. They headed up north to do site inspections and deliveries and then came back to Caledonia Play HQ where Órán helped with organising and sorting at the yard and also spending time in the office while Sandy caught up on some paperwork.

This is not the first time Sandy has brought his children to work as part of the Take Your Child To Work Day (TYCTWD) initiative and it’s always a pleasure to see them.

Caledonia Play has fully supported Take Your Child To Work Day for a number of years. We value the experience gained by the child in witnessing first-hand what their parents do when they go off to work in the morning. By showing them what their parents do they can see that with hard work and determination, they can do it too!