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Lagnakeil – the perfect location for our beautiful timber play equipment

When we were asked to install some new play equipment at the Highland Lodges at Lagnakeil we were blown away with the beautiful setting.

A sunny day did help make the scenery more attractive, however the lodges would also be the perfect get-away-from-it-all in the cold, frosty days of winter as the snow falls gently outside the cosy cabin.

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And that’s where our play equipment comes in – even when the weather is poor – the young (and not so young) ones will enjoy the challenge of our agility trail items, or pop on a warm woolen jumper, grab a mug of hot chocolate and watch the clouds drift by as you rock gently on our basket swing.

Junior Basket Swing
Our unique MagPost ©Lagnakeil Highland Lodges Facebook

Our Magposts are dotted around the site allowing for detailed inspection of plants, rocks and maybe the odd feather or two.

Timber Clatter Bridge
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We also installed a clatter bridge, some striding timber stilts and a balance beam, parallel wire and stepping log combination as part of the activity trail. This is just a small selection of the many and diverse products we offer as part of our agility section. We design, deliver and build products for schools, commercial organisations and parish councils all over the UK. So if you are looking for an excuse to book one of these luxury lodges at Lagnakeil then surely knowing that the kids will be happy playing outdoors for hours is the best reason to click ‘book now’!If you are looking to add footfall and value to your holiday accommodation or tourist attraction then why not ask us to install some beautiful sturdy play equipment that will last for years to come. Our sales team are happy to do site visits and we can come up with outdoor play solutions that suit the space available and your budget. Email on or call 01577 840570 today.