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Top tips for a safe and fun Hallowe’en

Create a fun and spooky place outside

Transform our Garden Play House into the perfect spooky Hallowe’en den for kids of all ages by adding a few pumpkins, scary lights and even some spooky music.

Or for the littlest ones who find it too dark and spooky at night – an old cooking pot with some leaves and creepy crawlies makes the perfect witches cauldron – you never know who might be tempted to join you when they smell what’s cooking!!

Top tips for Trick-or-treating

Plan A Route in Advance

If you take your kids Trick-or-treating (or guising as it’s sometimes called), make sure you plan a route ahead of time.

This is to avoid getting lost and keeping your kids from getting too tired along the way. The nights get dark earlier around this time of year and the excitement of the night could make your child exhausted, so planning a well-lit path near your home can make everyone feel safer, and avoid long treks home.

Comfortable Shoes

Hallowe’en costumes have become more elaborate and extravagant over the years, but this does not mean that comfort should be out of the question when picking out a great costume. Make sure that your child is wearing comfortable shoes to avoid blisters, tripping or having to end the night early due to tired feet.

Costume Safety

Using chemical-free face makeup or paint can be a great alternative to masks. Make sure any masks are big enough for children, so they are able to see properly and breathe with it on. Some costumes may also not be very warm so an extra jacket or woolly scarf might be a good idea.
Large, cumbersome costumes on the other hand, may also impair hearing, vision and mobility so consider this before making a trip outdoors!

Check the label on any costumes to make sure they are not highly flammable and explain the consequences of being near a naked flame with such costumes on to all children wearing them.

Visiting Houses

Make sure that your children only go to houses that have their lights on if they go out and about – as not to disturb anyone. Also remind them never to go inside someone’s house if they do not know them or you are not present.

Stay in the Light

As night time comes earlier during the Hallowe’en season, it is important to remember to stay in well-lit areas while walking around and to stay off the road in order to avoid cars, tripping or other dangerous situations that can occur if you are not in an area with enough light.

Check The Haul!

Before allowing your child to eat any of their sweets, it can be wise to quickly check their collection and avoid anything that is slightly opened, doesn’t have any packaging or is not in its original packaging.

Crossing the Street Safely

During the excitement of the night, it can be easy for your children to forget to look before they cross the road. Remind them not to zig-zag from house to house and walk with them along the pavement before safely crossing the road.

Hallowe’en is great fun for kids of all ages. To make sure they make the most of the night, it is important to make sure that their safety comes first so that everyone can have a fun time.

Happy Hallowe’en from Caledonia Play!

Source of information: Action for Children Website