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Spotlight on our Multi-use Grass Mats!

Our Multi-use Grass Mats are frequently placed under and around children’s play equipment to minimise the risk if injury should a child fall and also reduce any ground erosion particularly under swings and at the bottom of slides.

However – they have a multitude of other uses you’ve probably not thought of!

Non-slip – ideal for paths in winter

Our Multi-use Grass Mats are ideal for placing on all your paths and are particularly useful on snowy and icy days.

They are non-slip and resistant to all weather conditions. When laid on concrete they not only make the surface much less slippery but also minimise the risk of injury should the person fall.

Encourage natural drainage

Made from heavy duty recycled rubber they reduce the chance of flooding. Simply pop a few mats in strategic areas in your outdoor space. The mats encourage natural drainage – reducing the chance of flooding.

Wheelchair Friendly

Not only can wheelchairs go over the mats with ease – the mats can also be laid on contoured surfaces as well as flat areas.

In autumn time when the leaves fall the mats create a non-slippery walkway across grassy surfaces.

Use in swimming pool and sports changing rooms

Place a few mats in the changing rooms to non-slip flooring that still allows surface water to drain away. By cable-tying them together and placing benches on the top it’s easy to ensure the mats will not move.

They become almost invisible

When laid on grass, the mats allow the grass to grow through them and over time disappear as the grass grows. Simply cut the grass with ease using a lawnmower.

Easy to install

Simply lay them in the desired area – make sure they don’t overlap and create a trip hazard – and then cable-tie them together to ensure that they don’t move and you’re sorted!

Order today!

Why not order some today and get the benefit from them for many years to come.