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Everyone should have a dream…

And we are delighted to be helping local businessman, Richard Scott, in his attempt at achieving his childhood ambition of holding the Guinness World Record for ‘The Longest Marathon on a Swing’.




One of the requirements is that the Swing used should be any commercially available Swing such as found in a playground or similar. So we have supplied Richard with an adapted version of one of our commercial Single Swing Frames, adjusting the chains on the seat to suit him.




Alongside Richard’s personal record attempt the Rotary Club is raising funds to support Covid 19 Vaccination and preventative measures worldwide (Just Giving)

So wishing Richard best of luck in his 36+ hours of swinging with one of the best views in the county and may his dream come true.

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The event starts at 6am on Saturday 14th May 2022 at Loch leven’s Larder, Kinross


Here are the details of the requirements to break the world record:

1. Any standard commercially available swing, such as would be found in a playground or similar, may be used for the attempt.

2. The swing must be swinging all the time (apart from during rest breaks). The swing must be visibly in motion.

3. Only the person attempting the record may cause the swing to move. It is not permitted to have another person pushing the swing or to otherwise make it move, nor may any artificial means be used to make the swing move.

4. If desired, the swing may be low enough for the contestant’s feet to touch the ground and, in this case, the feet may also be used to help propel the swing.

5. The contestant may eat and/or drink while the swing is in motion if they wish.

6. One swing must be used throughout the attempt and if the swing or the rope/chain holding it breaks, the attempt is ended.

7. Rest breaks are permitted during the attempt. A break of 5 minutes rest for every continuously completed hour of activity is allowed. These can be accumulated to give, for example, 20 minutes worth of rest time after 4 hours of activity.