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He did it! A new world record!

Richard Scott, from Kinross has broken the existing world record of swinging non-stop on a swing by two hours taking it to over 36 hours. His challenge began at 6:10am on Saturday May 14 before finishing at 6:30pm on Sunday night.

When we were asked to provide a Single Swing, we jumped at the chance to be involved.

Our swings are constructed using round timbers which make them extremely robust and sturdy. The legs do not need to be concreted in as the weight of the timers are enough to make sure the swing set does not fall over.

The location for the challenge was a stunning setting overlooking Loch Leven, just outside Kinross.

Richard chose our rubber swing seat as it is just that bit more comfortable than the wooden one, and when you are planning to be swinging for more than 36 hours – every little thing can make all the difference.

The Kinross and District Rotary Club who supplied the marquee and other equipment and also provided the independent witnesses who also became Richard’s support team over the 36 hours.

The idea of doing the challenge had been one that Richard had been dreaming of since he was 14 years old.

Guinness rules meant Richard was allowed a five-minute break for every hour on the swing, which he saved up in order to take a nap at around 3am.

Toilet breaks were permitted and he was allowed to snack whilst on the swing.

To achieve the feat, he had to spend 36 hours on the swing, with the previous world record – in California two years ago – coming in at 34 hours.

Richard said: “I’m incredibly happy, it’s fantastic, it’s a dream come true.

“I couldn’t have done it without Caledonia Play and Kinross Rotary.

Alongside Richard’s personal record attempt the Rotary Club is raising funds to support Covid 19 Vaccination and preventative measures worldwide (Just Giving)

Pictured below is Sarah – our Director, who went along to cheer him on.