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Belgrave Gardens, Edinburgh

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Services Provided

Caledonia Play installed the following products:

4-Person Seesaw (K-65-4) A traditional timber seesaw unit suitable for the whole family with a metal galvanised pivot column, four rubber seats with individual stainless-steel grip handles, and shock absorbing cushions.

Basket Swing (CP-BS) This has a timber frame constructed with 10cm diameter machine-rounded legs fitted with heat-sealed bitumen sleeves and extend into the ground. The all black 1.2m basket swing is supported by cast stainless universal swing joints with washer plates and safety chains and is designed to carry up to a tonne and is certificated for people with additional support needs.

Junior Single Swing Frame (K-13S MIDI) with a Toddler Cradle Seat
The top pole is 14cm diameter with 12cm diameter frame legs, which are fitted with galvanised metal legs and are concreted into the ground. The swing points are heavy duty stainless steel as are the chains holding the Toddler Cradle Swing Seat, which comes in red and blue rubber compounds with aluminium reinforcement.

Low Up and Over (CP-SFN) This a combination climbing unit that can be a gathering point for children. The Low Up-and-Over is an A-frame with a climbing ramp with pull rope on one side and a cargo net on the other.

Budget: undisclosed

Belgrave Crescent is one of Edinburgh’s most sought after residential locations, located directly opposite possibly the finest gardens in Edinburgh, the nine-acre Belgrave Crescent Gardens. These span the full length of the Crescent and down to the Water of Leith.

Caledonia Play was approached to install some new play equipment and to do some sympathetic repairs. The company provided value by only repairing what was required on the fence, removing damaged and rotten equipment and utilising the existing safety surface. All the equipment was to be fitted into a specific space that was an unusual and awkward shape due to the location of several trees in the area.

The new equipment would reduce the daily and weekly maintenance and care that was required to ensure that the site was to a safe and required standard. The equipment also allowed for inclusive use of children who require additional support needs and of a broad age range.
All timbers used are pressure-treated with non-arsenic preservative salts and impregnated with wax.
The removal of the existing Seesaw Unit, Low Up and Over and the Hanging Log Step Structure included disposal with a licensed operator in an environmentally appropriate manner.


  • The former play area was in need of a total refresh
    The former play area was in need of a total refresh
  • Our Stunning Basket Swing
    Our Stunning Basket Swing
  • Four Person Seesaw
    Four Person Seesaw
  • Timber Up and Over
    Timber Up and Over
  • Single Swing Frame with Toddler Seat
    Single Swing Frame with Toddler Seat
  • Remedial repairs to the existing fence
    Remedial repairs to the existing fence