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Domestic Client – Tower unit alterations, Play Fort and Basket Swing

Fact File

Services Provided

Alterations to existing products:
Caledonia Play added three products to the existing tower:
Net Frame: (1.3 x 3.0m) 16mm hemp rope net with 2 x 10cm diameter timber poles side supports and 2 x half round pole stretchers
Climbing Ramp: (0.65m x 3.0m) timber slats supported by 3.0m supports with poly-hemp pull rope
Climbing Rock Wall: marine ply timber sheet with poly resin rock climbing holds with metal washer inserted
(the clients requested a specific colour scheme of the rock climbing holds on the rock wall and we were happy to provide this)
Caledonia Play also installed the following:
A Garden Play Fort with cargo Net and Swing Extension
There is a Push-Me-Pull-You, a Baby High Back Seat and a Sling Swing Seat on the swing extension. Swing seats will be changed as the children grow.
Family Basket Swing  - Our Family Basket Swing is extremely robust using larger poles than our standard swing frames in order to support the heavy basket.
The 1.2m diameter basket has an internal galvanised steel ring, 16mm herculean rope and is suitable for groups of children as well as adults to use.

The clients were extremely accommodating with access to the grounds and assisting in any way they could.


Budget: undisclosed

This domestic client case study focuses on alterations to existing play equipment and and also showcases new equipment installed.

The clients already had some existing play equipment however this needed to be updated and any repairs made. Our brief was to work with what was already in place – to replace any timbers that were no longer considered safe and to add some new products.

It was possible to add new access and exit points to the existing tower unit that brought the piece of play equipment back to life. The existing tower unit had a small roofed area with a timber bridge.

The various alterations covered a range of abilities with the simple climbing ramp being suitable for even the littlest children to climb up, the cargo net being a good physical scramble and finally the vertical climbing wall being the ultimate challenge particularly if only one colour of hand or foot grip is selected. This not only challenged the children using it mentally but also developed upper body strength as they pulled themselves up the wall using the specially designed hand grips.

The clients also decided to add a family basket swing to their collection of play equipment. This product is an asset to any garden space allowing a peaceful space for teenagers to enjoy as well as adults who are looking for a quiet space at the end of the day. Younger children enjoy spending time on the basket swing in small groups as it is robust and strong enough to accommodate more than one child at a time. The family basket swing combines a commercial standard steel framed basket with a robust timber frame that has a special 14cm diameter top pole to be able to hold the weight of the basket and a few children and adults. Our Family Basket Swing has been designed to be freestanding and does not need to be concreted in or anchored down.

The clients also decided to have a garden play fort installed with climbing ramp, net frame and a double swing extension with extension. The extra extension is able to take any swing seat that requires one swing point however the clients opted for the push-me-pull-you which is a popular and fun use for the extension. The two swing seats chosen were the baby high back seat and the sling swing. The latter is ideal for littler children that are not able to balance themselves on a swing seat yet but that are able to go on the swing seat on their tummies and enjoy the lovely swinging movement while being in control of it themselves.

The client’s beautiful garden is an ideal place to for our products as, being made from timber, they blend well into the natural setting.



  • before
  • new ramp with pull rope on existing tower unit
    new ramp with pull rope on existing tower unit
  • new vertical climbing rock wall on existing tower unit
    new vertical climbing rock wall on existing tower unit
  • new cargo net on existing tower unit
    new cargo net on existing tower unit
  • Garden Play Fort with swing extension
    Garden Play Fort with swing extension
  • Garden Play Fort with swing extension
    Garden Play Fort with swing extension
  • Basket Swing
    Basket Swing