Three timber bridges at indoor play area Mabie Farm Park - Dumfries

Mabie Farm Park – Dumfries

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Following site visits and working carefully with the clients Caledonia Play created bespoke proposal drawings of the play area which were revised until all the criteria of the brief were fulfilled.

Caledonia Play installed:

  • Main structure: a large octagonal tower 3.5 x 3.5m with a platform height of about 2.4m supported with robinia timber legs and balustrades.
  • This large tower leads to a middle sized tower and a further two lower towers.
  • Combining a variety of access points and varying play towers the new play area offers a wide range of play opportunities for a large age-range of children.
  • The skeleton frame of the play structure is made of Robinia, a heavy, hard, strong and close grained wood making it very durable in close contact with the ground.
  • Using slow grown, dense timbers from sustainable managed sources, which carry FSC or PEFC chain of custody certification, Caledonia Play products meet European safety standard BS EN 1176.

The installation team were sensitive to the needs of the organisation and were careful to have minimum impact with regards to parking vehicles, creating noise and generally keeping the area as tidy as possible.

Budget: Over £30,000 Download Case Study

Mabie Farm Park Case study

The owners of Mabie Farm Park were looking to develop their indoor play area to offer a suitable wet-weather alternative for the children should it be required. Mabie Farm Park already provided  a soft play area. They were looking for something different and unusual providing something unique becoming an asset to the site and something that could be used in the business’ marketing.

The design was to incorporate various elements which simulate different forms of play and activities and to be suitable for broad age range with a mix of challenges.

Interconnecting Bridges

  • V Shaped Net Bridge
  • V Log Bridge with balustrade
  • V Shaped Hanging Timber Bridge
  • Net Tunnel Bridge

Access Points

  • Carved Log Jungle Ladder
  • Vertical Climbing Wall
  • 3.0m Wave Fibre Glass Slide
  • Spiral Climbing Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Triangular Scramble Net
  • Curved Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Scramble Net
  • Climbing Ramp with Pull Rope
  • 5.0m Stainless Steel Slide

All ages and abilities of children are accommodated with the differing sizes of towers, bridges and access points.


  • V log bridge
    V log bridge
  • Wooden platform
    Wooden platform
  • Climbing wall access point
    Climbing wall access point
  • Towers and bridges
    Towers and bridges
  • Underneath one of the towers
    Underneath one of the towers