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Should I let My Children Climb Trees?

Posted By Ineke Watt | November 7, 2019

Parents want their children to enjoy the same joys of childhood they look back on fondly, but many struggle with getting the balance right – how much freedom can you give while also making sure your child is safe? Five experts have a say about this topic..

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Above us only sky…

Posted By Ineke Watt | September 26, 2019

What better way to learn than outdoors. What better way to connect with nature that outside. Our Storytelling Throne and Mushroom Circle creates the perfect place for children to spend time outside with their teacher. The circle can be whatever size best suits the school. Some contain only a few mushrooms – some contains a […]

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Glasgow Warriors install our play equipment at local hospital

Posted By Ineke Watt | September 23, 2019

The fabulous Glasgow Warriors took some time out of their busy schedule to help with the build of a brand new sensory garden for children at an Ayrshire Central Hospital.Backed by Crosshouse Children’s Fund, the sensory garden at Rainbow House in Irvine has been brought to life by equipment donated by Glasgow Warriors’ sponsor, Mackenzie […]

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We’re delighted our MagPosts were part of an award-winning RHS garden!

Posted By Ineke Watt | July 10, 2019

The ‘Believe in Tomorrow Garden‘ at RHS Hampton Court has won a Silver Gilt Award for their RHS garden and we couldn’t be happier for them! The stunning garden was being put together with the vision and energy of Seonaid & her team at Sprout Up. We donated a selection of our Mag Posts to her creation and then […]

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Taking care of child mental health information poster

Posted By Ineke Watt | October 12, 2018

Play Scotland is the National organisation for play in Scotland, working to promote the importance of play for all children and young people, and campaigns to create increased play opportunities in the community. The organisation praises the benefits of nature for young minds and the problems that can come from being too isolated from the […]

Inclusive Play with a Musical Twist

Inclusive play with a musical twist

Posted By Ineke Watt | June 11, 2018

It has been well documented that outdoor play benefits children on many levels allowing them to learn from nature and interact with their environment. By introducing music into the setting the play becomes even more fun and therapeutic. Children with or without additional support needs find that music is not only fun but also soothing, […]

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Introducing our new Bonsai Cacoon!

Posted By Ineke Watt | May 25, 2018

We very much enjoy selecting new products to add to our range and this lovely new product is no exception. It is called the Bonsai Cacoon and is a unique pod that can be suspended from many of our swing frames and is ideal for the child that is looking for something just that little […]

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Outdoor fun whatever the weather!

Posted By Ineke Watt | March 16, 2018

Outdoor fun whatever the weather! We enjoy following many of the schools and nurseries that we have worked with on social media and seeing pictures of our play equipment being used. Even with all the heavy snow we’re had recently there is one nursery in Edinburgh that has enjoyed getting the little ones outside whatever […]

Why Our Kids Need To Get Outside More

Why Our Kids Need To Get Outside More – an interesting read

Posted By Ineke Watt | February 9, 2018

An interesting article in Huffpost UK highlights the need for UK children to be outside more – a theory that we very much support and encourage. The article states that ‘More than one in nine children in England have not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment for at least […]