Plan ahead now!

As a manufacturer we continue to remain open and operational, ensuring the safety of our team and customers by working with appropriate safety systems in place. We are exceptionally busy

It is simple to order online.  For more bespoke orders please call the office and we will help you. All orders will be despatched either by courier or for local deliveries by our own team.

The team are here to help so if you have any specific questions please do get in touch by email at or phone on 01577 840570

Plan ahead now!

However large or small your organisation or school is – we will have something to suit your requirements. 

Develop the outdoor space and increase footfall right through to the end of the year.

If you’re looking for a nice outdoor play set for your garden then we have a wide selection to choose from and you could always install it yourself and save money.

Why choose us?

There are plenty of companies out there supplying play equipment so why choose us?

The timbers we use are round timber poles rather than square timbers which most other play equipment companies use. This means that the structure is stronger, considerably heavier, more robust, and will not topple over in high winds.

We are also able to extend the legs into the ground on some of the products to minimise any movement while the product is being played on. This is not a necessity for garden play products, however there are some children who are particularly sensitive to any movement when swinging. In such instances this option is ideal!

Caledonia Play has developed over the years from a small family business to one that manufactures and installs play equipment across the UK. We have never forgotten, however that our main aim is to get children outside whatever the weather and time of year.

Get in touch!

Call 01577 840570 to speak to any of our sales team. They will be happy to provide more information on our range of wooden play equipment for the garden, or have a look at our Garden Play Range for inspiration and advice.

We also have a thorough understanding of the procedures required to install play equipment for Schools and Nurseries and work alongside the various organisations to make it all happen smoothly.

We recognise the importance of encouraging physical activity in children of all ages at various points throughout the school day. This can be in addition to walking or cycling to and from school. Learning in, through and about physical activity is enhanced by providing in a wide range of items of outdoor play equipment which can be used for outdoor pursuits at break times, lunchtimes, and outwith the school day.

If you would like a member of our sales team to come out and do a site visit to create a great outdoor space in 2020 please contact

Here is a link to our online brochure for schools and commercial organisations.

And finally, we have a large amount of experience in helping Commercial Establishments increase footfall by developing the outdoor space into a play area for all ages and abilities.

A few include:

Brodie Castle in Morayshire (for the National Trust for Scotland), Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling, and Glendoick Garden Centre just outside Perth. We’ve also travelled further afield to do installations at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall, and Longcause Community Special School in Plymouth, Devon to name just a couple.

Our links page lists a few more of the organisations we have installed play equipment for.

Contact if you’d like to discuss all the various options for creating the perfect outdoor play area.