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Looking for more customer footfall? Let us help you develop your outdoor space.

Add value to your business by taking advantage of our full design and build service. We will work with you to make sure everything is on budget and delivered and installed at a time to suit you. Take a look at our list of visitor destinations that we have worked with to find one near you to go and see it and have a go on it too!

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Large tower installation at Blair Drummond Safari Park – Stirlingshire.

Bespoke Play Towers offer a wide range of activities and a unique play space for children and teens. The tower configurations encourage role play and imaginative play as children create scenarios incorporating the various components of the towers. Their physical ability will be tested as they climb, run, slide, balance and jump!

By making a few considered decisions during the design and planning stage we can make a real difference to your overall playground. The tower will be unique to your organisation and will become talking point and much loved tourist attraction of the region.

Why not add a Log Maze Climbers to your outdoor play provision. Crisscrossing timbers and ropes on these climbers encourage children to climb through, over and under. They come in four sizes each being a challenge to older children but also suitable for younger children. We can make sure they suit your budget and the size of your outdoor space.

commercial play log maze climber 3

Our beautiful Bespoke Towers are guaranteed to get children asking to return to your attraction and increase footfall. Often constructed using robinia timbers these play units can be designed in any configuration to suit. Or why not start with one tower and add on to it in years to come?

If you are looking to install play equipment at a tourist attraction or visitor site then these commercial play case studies are sure to inspire. From a large play tower at Blair Drummond Safari Park to an indoor play area at Mabie Farm Park in Dumfries – we can do it all just for you!

Our sales team are always happy to have a chat with you to discuss the best options for your outdoor space. They can also do site visits and take a look at the area you plan to develop. Email our sales team on or call the office on 01577 840570 to discuss your ideas and to get a quote for delivery and installation too. Plan ahead now to have it all sorted and being played on as soon as possible.

We have created unique outdoor play spaces for Loch Leven’s Larder and Brodie Castle.

Tripadvisor review picture Brodie Castle

This images and the big picture at the top of this page are from a Brodie Castle Tripadvisor review. Original images can be found on the Tripadvisor website.

Looking for something a little smaller?

Our lovely wooden Swing Sets are timeless and are always attractive to children of all ages. The not-so-young will have many happy memories of endless hours spent on a swing in years gone by. Plan ahead and order one today!

commercial play double swing gallery image

Alternatively, Mushrooms add a touch of mystical magic to any woodland setting. Order as many or as few as you need to create secret seating areas for adults and children alike.

Mushroom Stools and Table Set for schools


Our wonderful MagPosts featured in an award winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court. Read the news story here!

Finally – we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share pictures of our play equipment being used by your visitors. It’s always a pleasure to see the equipment being enjoyed sometimes many years after installation.

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