Sensory Play

Sensory Play

Children, immersed in nature, create wonderful imaginary worlds amongst their surroundings as they have done for centuries.
They have always been intrigued by playing in nature such as sand and indulge naturally in sensory play. They dig in it, sift it, build with it, pour it, enjoy the feel and smell of it, pretend with it, and explore how it moves. Sand is well-suited to the exploratory and imaginative nature of young children.

Carefully considered and placed play elements encourage children to explore and interact with the natural world and use their imagination to invent new experiences. No two natural elements are alike and natural outdoor spaces will change and vary according to the weather. Sand when it is dry for example is very different to sand that has been rained on and is wet.

The seasons too affect the outdoor play areas. Large boulders absorb the heat in summer – fallen leaves are fun to run through and have amazing colours. Winter brings icy landscapes.

What we can do for you

By using natural elements we are able to create landscapes rich in form, texture and colour. We also provide sand pits in a large range of sizes.