4 Person Seesaw : K-65-4


Our ever popular 4 Person Seesaw is constructed from quality pressure treated timber.

We now supply the seesaw with comfortable quality rubber seats – many of the pictures in the galley show our previous timber seats.

Stainless steel grip handles ensure children can hold on tightly. The central mechanism has been designed so that the moves smoothly allowing easier access and exit.

We suggest Grass Safety Mats to ensure limited ground erosion around the 4 Person Seesaw – over time the grass will grow through the mats and the mats will no longer be visible.

We can also provide a rubber play surface that is permanently bonded and stays in place. Contact our sales team on sales@caledoniaplay.com for more information.

Here is a lovely picture of a couple of children on the Four Person Seesaw from the Spey Bay Community Hall Facebook Page.

Take a look at our gallery for inspirational images or browse our case studies to see what we can do for you. This is an excellent time of year to be considering the outdoor space and in particular the play area so that it can all be installed and looking great for the new season.

If you would like our sales team to help you decide about which products are most suitable for your outdoor space then please email sales@caledoniaplay.com for a chat or to arrange a site visit if appropriate.


pressure treated wax inpregnated timber

4 x quality rubber seats

4 x stainless steel grip handles


length: 4.0m

width: 40cm