Base Floor and Wall Add-on for Garden Play Fort : BWA


Turn the base of the Fort into a den by adding a Base Floor and Wall Add-on. This creates a great play den and secret hideout underneath the fort.

This is also a perfect place to add some of the accessories like the telescope or binoculars so the children can spy on people from their secret den!

This space is sometimes used by adults to keep outdoor toys neatly stored away at the end of the day. as it offers a degree of shelter from the rain and will stop the toys blowing around the garden if it gets windy.

Our Garden Play Fort is one of our best sellers with the optional swing set add-on (making it a GPFX) being good value for money.

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Timber is used to create a solid base a few cm above the ground and the area is enclosed in allowing a doorway for access and also a small window space. Different configurations can be offered depending on which fort it is to be added on to.


1.50 x 1.50m