Carved Animals and Birds : CP-CWA(C)


Our Carved Animals and Birds for play areas add an identity and fun to any play area either as single units or as part of a sculpture trail.

This makes it a more memorable experience particularly for younger children. It’s fun to say – “let’s see what other animals we can find!” as you go along a woodland path and the different creature sculptures will give an identity to various parts of a path.

We can supply bespoke sculptures to suit a theme as required. Maybe a large raptor for a bird watching area or a rabbit or a tortoise for a children’s day care nursery.

Our distinctive outdoor sculptures are carved from wood containing naturally protective resins which have incredibly durable properties and so will last for many years.

The sculptures are also coated in a UV light resistant waterproof protective resin.

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wood contains naturally protective resins

products sealed with UV light resistant waterproof protective resin


sizes vary