Agility Cube : CP-BOX(E)


The Agility Cube for schools is a combination of four different traversing agility trail items linked together to form a square.

This products is particularly suitable for school playgrounds where space is limited and will also require less safety surfacing as the products are not strung out in a line. Use in a large tarmac area along with rubber safety surfacing so that it is usable all year round even if the school playing fields are wet and muddy.

We will be able to advise on the best combination of products to suit the age group, size and ability of those who will be using it and will make sure that is offers enough of a challenge but is not so difficult to do that it stops children having a go.

The poles are quarter-sawn and sanded for a smooth finish.

The bottom of the timbers that are in the ground are fitted with Postsaver sleeves to help prevent against rot that might otherwise occur.

These extra touches make our play equipment unique and long lasting.


The standard configuration is as follows: Cross Wires, Hanging Rope Traverse, Hanging Log Steps Traverse and a Traversing Net.


CP-BOX PW XW RL FTS £4065.00

An alternative configuration is as follows: Parallel Wires, Cross Wires, Rolling Log and Floating Steps.


Double Cube CP-BOX-2 £8936.00

Two Cubes linked together with 5 x Stepping Log Columns and a Balance Beam.


Choose your own configuration

Alternative elements include:

Floating Steps

Monkey Bar Rings

Parallel Wires

Rolling Log

Hanging Tyres

Weaving Ropes

Contact for more information.

Check out our blog post about this item being installed in a Fife School.

If you would like an Agility Cube for your school then contact us on 01577 840570 or email for further information on delivery and installation costs.

New alternative sizes available

Due to a school not having quite enough playground space for our standard sized cube we’ve recently created a compact version.

For prices and more details please email or call 01577 840570








For a break down in costs and more details for all our products please email or call 01577 840570



specifications will vary depending on which agility elements are selected however typical climbing cube components have the following:

single log machine rounded poles pressure treated with non-arsenic preservative, impregnated with wax, sanded for a smooth finish and secured into the ground with concrete footings

vertical poles: 14cm diameter

timber fixings are secured with high tensile bolts with a shear strength of 13.3 kilonewtons, pull out strength 5.45 kilonewtons

16mm diameter steel wire reinforced multi filament polypropylene rope

end fixings are typically M12 Hot dip galvanised drop forged eyebolts

uper tough nylon thimbles

hydraulically swaged aluminium ferrules


Length: 3.0m | Width: 3.0m | Height: 2.2m