Coloured Perspex Panels :


Coloured perspex panels add a splash of colour to any outdoor play space and can create a selection of different moods depending on the colours chosen.

We offer a selection of free-standing panels that can be created in any size and colour as required. Alternatively – coloured perspex panels can be added to existing products such as pergolas or gazebos to make them more unique and magical.

Choose the school colours or create outdoor areas to match the house colours of the school.

The free-standing units are permanently secured into the ground using postcrete as a permanent outdoor feature.

All timbers used are treated and wax -impregnated and we only use timber from sustainably managed forests.

Contact for more information on our coloured perspex panels or call 01577 840 570 and ask to speak to a member of our sales team.



Quality coloured perspex


sizes vary