Cone Climber : TY-CC


A modern twist on the traditional roundabout the Cone Climber is a rotating rope structure constructed using quality components. Hidden rotating bearings allow the climbers to rotate smoothly. Suitable for children age 3 and over. This product will develop coordination and give the kids a thrill as it spins around. It also encourages group play and social interaction however it can also be fun just with one person on it.

This product is available in three sizes as follows:

Cone Climber 1: CODE: TY-CC1  1.8m high £6,895.00

Cone Climber 2: CODE: TY-CC2  2.4m high £POA

Cone Climber 3: CODE: TY-CC3  3.0m high £POA

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steel cored multi strand nylon ropes available in a selection of colours



Cone Climber 1: height 1.8m Critical Fall Height: 0.36m Age 3+ Safety Surface 5.9m2

Cone Climber 2:height 2.4m  Critical Fall Height: 0.36m Age 3+ Safety Surface 6.1m2

Cone Climber 3: height 3.0m Critical Fall Height:: 0.36m Age 3+ Safety Surface 6.4m2

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

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