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When it comes to creating long-lasting happy childhood memories, our Double Swing Frame does just that! It has two sets of swing points so two children can swing at the same time.

Constructed from round timbers, this product is robust and heavy and will last for many years.

As part of our commitment to the environment, all timbers used are from sustainably-managed forests. We use machine-rounded, dense, Northern European softwoods that have been pressure-treated and waxed for durability.

All our swing sets come without swing seats. A selection of swing seats can be chosen according to the age and ability of the children who will be using the play equipment and can be changed as they grow.

The Wooden Swing Seat and Deluxe Rubber Swing Seat are the most commonly chosen swing seats.

Click here to find out some more information about choosing your swing seats.

The Double Swing Frame is not supplied with ground anchors as the product is heavy and gently settles into the ground.

The swing points on the top pole are placed slightly wider in relation to the ropes on the swing seat so that the swings go back and forth smoothly, rather than wobbling from side to side.

This product is robust and heavy and will withstand the most active and energetic children.

For safety surfacing we suggest two grass safety mats – one for under each swing to prevent ground erosion.

Don’t forget to buy swing seats!


Delivery and Installation

We can deliver and install your product all over the UK.

You can also install the product yourself and we will provide you with full installation instructions. We are always willing to offer help at the end of the phone if required.

For installation you will need to use a ratchet with a 17mm and a 13mm socket. We recommend using an impact driver which is more convenient to use. The timbers are very heavy and need to be lifted above head height so for safety reasons we suggest that at least a couple of strong people work together on the installation rather than trying to install it on your own.

Check out this Tweet from a happy customer who bought this product for his two sons.

And here is a lovely message posted on Facebook by an adult customer who purchased a double swing frame for herself and her friends to use.

“Thank you Caledonia Play for supplying my wonderful DOUBLE swing frame… We made our own seats and LOVE our swing, use it everyday! The guest seat will be signed by the lucky ‘guests’! “

Here is another Facebook review on our Double Swing Frame.

“Our kids have been bothering us about Caledonia Play’s kit since they first saw their demonstration equipment at the Berkshire show a few years ago. Last year we needed to upgrade from our ‘baby swing’ and having had a chat with the guy on the show stand and taken a leaflet, we later ordered a double swing frame, swing seat and trapeze bar.

The service is excellent, a missing part of our delivery was quickly sorted out and assembly whilst not easy, is achievable even (and against clear instructions!) on my own. Most importantly, it’s a massive hit with our kids (aged 7 and 5) so much so that we have just ordered the climbing rope and twizzler swings to add to our options.

It’s top rate, looks like it will last for years and the people from Caledonia play seem very nice when I have spoken to them on the phone or via email. 100% recommended!!”

And here is a message we received via email:

The swing looks fantastic – really happy with it. And the girls love it!” Michael

Would you like to add a slide?

We can do that no problem.

Call the office on 01577 840 570 and ask for a Double Swing Frame with Slide Frame on the side.



Four 10cm diameter legs support 12cm diameter top swing pole.

Top pole secured with 17mm timber bolts and 13mm timber bolts are used at all other points, - located into pre-drilled recessed holes.

2.5m spread between the 10cm diameter legs – very stable.

8cm diagonal bracing bars have 2 fixing points at end of the bar

All swing pivot points are fixed through 12cm top swing pole, locked with twin locking nuts.

All the timbers have been pressure treated and impregnated with wax, providing a more repellent surface so reducing water absorption and delaying future rotting of the timber.

Due to the size of the A-frame legs they are able to partially compensate for uneven ground or slight slopes

Assembled size: 2.5m long x 2.5m wide x 2.6m high


Length: 2.5m | Width: 2.5m | Height: 2.6m

We recommend 1.5m clearance around the product with 2.0m clearance in front of and behind the swings.

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