Fun Ball Multi Shoot : MT-3BS(E)


The Fun Ball Multi Shoot is popular with children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Throw the ball in the top and see where it comes out. This is a fun alternative to basketball as can be used as a standalone item as playground equipment to encourage physical activity during play time.

It can also be used as part of more structured physical education lesson.

The bucket is made from fibre-glass and it is mounted onto a 3.0m steel powder-coated pole which is 100mm in diameter.

The product is installed to a depth of 80cm and is concreted into the ground to make sure that it will not topple over.

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An alternative product is the Basketball Hoop which is a more traditional playground item which can be mounted onto any suitable wall and used as part of a basket ball game or just installed to encourage practicing of shooting the ball through a hoop.


three colour fiberglass bucket mounted on a metal powder coated stand


pole: 3.0m steel powder-coated pole which is 100mm in diameter. Installed to a depth of 80cm.

Width 700mm

aperture for ball to enter 480mm

apertures for ball to exit 270mm

height of ball unit only 800mm