Hexagonal Planter Seating : CP-HXP(C)


Hexagonal Planter Seating for commercial use combines a large central planter with bench seating set in a circular formation.

It is made from pressure treated timbers and is a nice focal point to an outdoor space.

This product is particularly well suited to tarmac areas as it offers both seating and a large amount of greenery in one.

For more information about our Hexagonal Planter Seating for commercial use give us a call on 01577 840570 or email info@caledoniaplay.com

We also do a lovely Bench and Planter Combination and a Throne Planter – both of which are other unique ways of combining seating with planters.

All our planter and seating combinations are ideal for sensory gardens where it is desirable to sit close by the plants and to be able to smell their scent without much effort.

A few of these Hexagonal Planter Seating in a row can look really lovely especially when they are in full bloom with flowers such as daffodils, tulips and crocusus in Spring time or even with a variety of heathers and ever green plants to ensure a lovely green all year round.


pressure treated timbers