Horizontal Rising Ladder : K-131(C)


The wooden Horizontal Rising Ladder is a robust timber agility trail component that offers a range of uses developing both balance and coordination in children of all ages.

The ladder is set low to the ground and gently rises at one end.

Constructed from pressure treated timbers, this wooden Horizontal Rising Ladder is concreted into the ground and is extremely stable.

The upright poles are 1200mm long. 800mm is under the ground and 400mm is above the ground.

Use as a standalone feature product or combined with other products as a trim trail.

K-131/3 Horizontal ladder 3.0m £710.00

K-131/4 Horizontal Ladder 4.0m £780.00

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12cm diameter round timbers are produced from quarter sawn timber pressure treated with preservative salts with a sanded natural finish

bolts are capped or counter sunk into the timber

galvanised steel ground extensions


Length: 4.0m | Width: 1.1m | Height: 0.6m


We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

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