Horse Shoe : CP-NC(E)


The Horse Shoe for schools is made up of a balance beam with five stepping log columns at either end.

Sometimes also called a Nursery Circle – this product has been designed as a piece of activity equipment but it also doubles up as a small story-telling circle.

The standard length of balance beam for the Horse Shoe is 3.0m, however 2.5m, 2.0m and 1.5m beams are also available.

The timbers used are quarter sawn, pressure treated and impregnated with wax, providing a more repellent surface so reducing water absorption and delaying future rotting of the timber.

We also fit Postsaver sleeves at the ground line section of all timber posts that are extended into the ground. This will keep the cause of ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that the new piece of equipment will last for many years.

We are always happy to advise on any of our products, their construction and how they can be best used for your school or nursery.

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1 x timber beam

10 x stepping logs w/ bitumen sleeves


3.0m balance beam

stepping logs - 18cm diameter set between 150 to 350mm above the ground

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories