Inclusive Robinia Seesaw : RB-IWSS(E)


Our wonderful Inclusive Robinia Seesaw for schools is a unique piece of outdoor play equipment made using quality timber.

It enables wheelchair users to go onto it and enjoy the thrill of the upward and downward sensation normally experienced on a traditional seesaw.

It is constructed using pressure-treated European Pine for the frame and beautiful Robinia wavy boards along the edges of the seesaw.

Wooden hand rails help assist those children and young adults with limited walking ability to enjoy the product by giving them something to hold onto as they traverse.

The Inclusive Robinia Seesaw for schools is wide enough to be able to accommodate all widths of wheelchairs and mobility devices.

The seesaw is 6.0m long, 1.3m wide, and 1.2m high and weighs approximately 1000kg.

The safety area required is 9 x 4.3m

For more information please email or call 01577 840570.


Pressure-treated European Pine and Robinia timber

Quality metal fixtures and fittings


Length: 6.0m

Width: 1.3m

Height: 1.2m