Up-and-Over : CP-SFN(E)


The wooden Up-and-Over is an A frame with a small climbing ramp with pull rope on one side and a cargo net on the other – ideal for the school playground.


This is a standalone product that is often used as part of an agility trail or as a standalone feature in the middle of the playground. This wooden structure will also enhance imaginative play as children use it to invent new worlds.


It is 2.3m long, approximately 1.6m high and the Cargo Net itself is 1.2m wide. The ideal age range is 3+ years.


All components are high quality – the timber is pressure-treated European Pine – the ropes are steel-cored multi-strand nylon designed specifically for the playground and leisure industry.


Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable and biodegradable, and only those from sustainably-managed sources are used.


As this product is designed to allow access above 60cm a suitable safety surface that conforms to EN-1177 is required covering 5.27m by 4.25m.



Up and Over with Ramp and Net CP-SFN £1,545.00


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All our play equipment for schools is designed and manufactured to meet (and often exceed) the requirements of European Safety Standard EN 1176. Where appropriate equipment is independently tested and carries TUV certification for compliance with EN 1176 and EN 1177. For more technical information on our products for schools and nurseries then take a look here.

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Pressure-treated timber climbing ramp with poly-hemp rope.
12cm diameter round timbers are produced from quarter-sawn timber pressure-treated
with preservative salts with a waxed, sanded, natural  nish.
High quality steel-cored multi-strand nylon net.
Stainless steel fittings - all bolts are capped or counter-sunk into the timber.
Timber legs have galvanised steel ground extensions.


Dimensions: L: 1.92m W: 1.25m H: 1.60m
Age Range: 3+ years
Free Fall Height: 1.60m
Free Space Required: L: 5.07m W: 4.25m
L: 1.92m W: 1.25m H: 1.60m
Safety Surfacing Area: 19.6m²
Dimensions of Largest Part: L: 1.90m W: 0.12m