MagPost – Small : MP-0.8


The Small MagPost is a good height for children up the age age of five to use. It is a scientific quality 5 x magnifying glass set on top of a hardwood post.


Children enjoy collecting small natural objects such as leaves and flowers and examining them in detail.


Just pop the things you want to examine on the little ‘shelf’ under the magnifying glass and then look down at it from above.


This product is concreted into the ground and is a permanent outdoor feature.


This size of MagPost is also suitable to be placed in planters.


This is a commercial standard product and is also regularly installed in school and nursery playgrounds as part of the outdoor learning facility so you can be guaranteed that it is well constructed and made to last.


This product is also available in two other sizes: Large and Portable.


Our Small MagPost is easy to order and a great gift idea too – why not order a couple for in different parts of the garden or one for the grandparent’s house?


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1 x Robinia timber post

5 x scientific quality magnifying lens

all screws have anti-vandal square drive head screws



height: 0.8m

lens mount size:10 x 10cm

installed: 50cm above the ground, 30cm below the ground