Parallel Bars : K4(C)


Parallel Bars are two easy-clean stainless steel bars mounted on four vertical timber supports.

This product is excellent for developing upper body strength.

The parallel bars are designed for older children (6-14 years).

The timbers are pressure treated and impregnated with wax and sanded to give a smooth and natural finish.

The safety area around the unit is at least 1.5m from the outer edge of the equipment, which is 4.74m by 3.72m.

This product is concreted into the ground and we suggest nine x grass safety mats to help prevent ground erosion.

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4 x pressure treated upright timber 12cm diameter poles with metal feet extensions

2 x stainless steel bars

All bolts are capped or counter sunk into the timber and are stainless steel.


length of bar: 1.5m

distance between the bars: 0.7m

height to top of pole: 1.3m

height to parallel bar: 1.2m