Pergola : CP-PRG


The pergola is a timber structure with an open roof and sides that provides a lovely outdoor social space and can be situated in every size and style of playground. Use it as an archway in between two zones and grow plants along it to create a unique sensory experience as children go through it. Constructed from square timbers as standard, we also use round timbers if required.

All timbers are pressure-treated and come from sustainably managed forests that have chain of custody certification.

Add a splash of colour!

Enhance it by adding coloured perspex panels in the spaces in between the timbers on the top or down the sides of the unit. This makes it more fun for younger children or those with additional needs. Various different moods can be created depending on the colours selected.

By combining the pergola with outdoor seating and planters you can create quiet areas that are a pleasure to sit in.

Wheelchair accessible

This product is fully wheelchair accessible and can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages and abilities.

For more information contact or call the office on 01577 840 570 and ask for a member of our sales team.


Pressure-treated wax-impregnated timbers.

Quality fixtures and fittings.


Sizes vary - please ask