Periscope : No 41


Whether you want to spy on your neighbours or secretly watch out for birds in the garden without them seeing you – this Periscope is exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s also nice and easy to fix onto many of our products or tree houses. The perfect extra gift for birthdays or just for the fun of giving!

Kids have the best imaginations and our super Periscope – and our Telescope and Binoculars too – help them to secretly spy on others creating new imaginary worlds.

But be careful – they might end up spying on you too!

It is made from green injection-moulded plastic with two mirrors and comes with a small mounting plate which is easily screwed onto any wooden surface. All the correct little screws are provided so it’s nice and easy to install.

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We also have a fun Steering Wheel which is is an excellent product for changing any climbing frame into a car, boat or any other imaginary vehicle. It encourages development of imagination and blends in well with timber products. Or take a look at our Telescope which although it is only a toy and doesn’t enlarge – the children can use to spy on their friends and create imaginary stories of being lost at sea or in a large castle looking out for possible attackers! The sky really is the limit when it comes to some of the imaginary places that the most simple toy will take them.

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injection moulded plastic periscope

plastic mounting plate

4 woodscrews


approx 37cm long