Robinia Agility Equipment :


Robinia timbers can be used to create agility equipment and may be selected as the timber of choice for a variety of reasons.

The dense nature of the wood makes it difficult to cut or burn so it becomes more suitable where vandalism is likely.

It is a hard wood, with a greater density than oak, and therefore requires no pressure treatment making it ideal for producing playground equipment.

The irregular nature of the timber means that each piece of play equipment is unique and will look good in any setting.

We can offer a range of Robinia Agility Equipment to suit your commercial organisation.

Here is a selection of what we have to offer:

Tumbling Bars available in one two or three bar sets.

Monkey Bars and Rolling Log Combination – a good challenge for older children.

Climbing Stilts set at different heights to traverse along.

Balance Beams with holding rope to help balance.

Zigzag Balance Bridge with the timbers laid out in zigzag formation to make things just that bit more interesting.

Stepping Logs that can double up as a seating area. Postsaver Sleeves can be added on request.

We are happy to advise on the most suitable combination of agility equipment for your organisation.





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