Rolling Log : CP-RL(C)


The Rolling Log is a log suspended between two upright timber poles. The log is able to rotate and is therefore a challenge to walk along. A rope is suspended up high and is used to hold on to.

This product is frequently placed in between other agility trail products. It is also well suited as a component in the Agility Cube.

All components are high quality. The timber is pressure-treated European Pine. The rope is steel cored multi strand nylon designed specifically for the playground and leisure industry. Hence it is extremely good quality.

The upright poles have protective Postsaver sleeves on sections that are below the ground to help preserve the timber and are concreted into the ground.

Price shown is for the Rolling Log with a Parallel Hand Rope

Also available as Rolling Log with Hanging Jungle Ropes: CP-RLJW £1,455.00

As with all our agility trail equipment place Grass Safety Mats at key areas around the product in order to reduce ground erosion.


high quality steel cored multi strand nylon rope

14cm diameter round timbers

steel fixtures and fittings


length: 3.0m

height: 2.2m