Rolling Treadmill : CP-RTM(C)


This is our Rolling Treadmill for playparks and agility trails. This is a recent addition to our ever-expanding list of agility equipment for commercial organisations. It is is a fun play park item for children and adults alike. It’s also a little bit more unusual and therefore will be memorable and people will enjoy having a go to see what it is like to use. Our Rolling Treadmill fits in perfectly within an agility trail.

The treadmill unit is suspended between two short timber supports. They allow the free spinning movement of the rotating timber section. Four long timber upright poles support stainless steel hand rails and have metal feet extensions.

This product is concreted into the ground for extra stability.

We suggest grass safety mats are placed at key points around this product. They are laid on top of grass which will grow through and can be cut in the normal way. The mats are flexible and able to be laid on contoured surfaces with the large holes offering sufficient drainage. They are also wheelchair-friendly and can withstand all weathers and extreme temperatures.





4 x long upright pressure treated timber poles

2 x small upright pressure treated timber poles

1 x small rotating log

galvanised steel fixtures and fittings