Rustic Log Stump : CP-RLS(E)


Our Rustic Log Stump for schools are charming and versatile seats made using quality Douglas Fir with FSC chain of custody. They can be placed in a circle or placed randomly as preferred. Ideal for outdoor snack time, imaginary play and outdoor learning or as a gathering space at during free play, these products blend particularly well into woodland areas.

The top edges are chamfered and sanded, all knots in the timber are cut close and all sharp edges are removed.
The amount of bark will vary on each seat and it will fall off over time – this is part of the charm when using natural logs.

Whilst we use the best sources of timber available to us, it is almost inevitable that cracking/splitting (known as checking) will occur weeks or months after installation. This can be especially prevalent during the hot summer months as the timber dries out.

The Rustic Log Stumps are available as follows:
Free Standing (these are movable)
Free Standing with Anchor Fixing
Extended with Extension (debarked timber concreted into the ground)

Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable and biodegradable, and only timbers from sustainably managed sources are used.

Sold individually up to as many as required.

From £65.00 per stump.

Take a look at our gallery for inspiration.

Call our sales team on 01577 840570 or email for more information on this product and how it can be combined with other products.. Alternatively see us at a show so you can discuss any ideas with our sales team.

All of our engineers are Disclosure checked and have up to date training in the requirements of EN 1176 and installations are carried out in accordance with Association of Playground Industries guidelines. We will always leave the site clean and tidy and take into account safety of children in the area during the school day.

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1 x tree section with the top edge rounded off


Dimensions will vary as this is a natural product however each seat is roughly 250-400mm in diameter and 250-350mm high.

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories