Midi Double Junior Swing Frame : K-13D MIDI


The Midi Double Junior Swing Frame is a lower version of the Standard Double Swing Frame and therefore has a smaller footprint.

Our frames are strong, robust as a result of being constructed from pressure treated round timbers. They are attractive and are ideal for play settings for hotels, caravan parks and other tourist destinations.

Our swing frames are concreted into the ground therefore giving extra stability.

This listing is for the frame only because the seats are sold separately.

Choose from the following two types of seat suitable for this product which are independently certificated to EN 1176 for public play use.

Flat Swing Seat RT-FSS

The flat swing seat is made of rubber and is reinforced with an aluminium plate consequently adding extra strength.

Toddler Cradle Swing Seat RT-CSS

The toddler cradle swing seat provides plenty of support resulting in the child feeling more secure as it swings.

We recommend that swing seats are not mixed if they are on the same swing frame unless there is only one swing frame at the play area when it would be acceptable to have one Toddler Cradle Swing Seat and one Flat Swing Seat.

The Midi Double Junior Swing Frame requires safety surfacing to meet the EN-1177 standard. Minimum safety area of 3.0m x 7.0m, with a minimum free area of 6.0m x 9.0m.

Finally, we recommended height of the swings is 400-600mm from the ground.


pressure treated timber frame

stainless steel fixtures and fittings

Frame legs are quarter-sawn, 12cm diameter timbers.

The top pole is an 14cm diameter, machine-rounded timber pole.


length: 4.0m

width: 1.8m

height: 2.2m