The Team profile Picture - David Grindle

David Grindle

Posted By Ineke Watt | March 15, 2023

David is the newest member of the installation team. He is a family man with three young children. In his spare time he enjoys rugby.

The Team Paddy McRitchie

Paddy McRitchie

Posted By Ineke Watt | January 20, 2022

Paddy is a member of the workshop team. His hobbies include MMA fighting.

The Team Profile Picture Michael Kernaghan

Michael Kernaghan

Posted By Ineke Watt | September 1, 2021

Michael is a member of the Installation Team. In his spare time he enjoys football.

The Team profile picture Jim Bunce

Jim Bunce

Posted By Ineke Watt | June 20, 2021

Jim is interested in traditional carpentry / timber framing also astronomy and astrophysics. Other hobbies include enjoying motorsport, sim racing and basketball.

Profile Picture the team Craig Cessford

Craig Cessford

Posted By Ineke Watt | May 21, 2021

Craig is interested in football and darts.