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We’ve picked out our best-selling products so you can shop five-star pieces for your garden, from wonderful swing sets to sandpits.

Invest in our high quality beautiful wooden play equipment today and enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

Our products are made to last and are often still standing when the children leave home!

garden play DFA double swing frame

Double Swing Frame DFA

Constructed from round timbers, this heavy-duty Double Swing Frame has been our top-selling swing set for a few years. It is shown in the picture with two Deluxe Swing Seats which are just that bit more comfortable than the traditional wooden swing seat. We let you choose your own swing seats to suit your budget and the age range and abilities of the children.

Double Swing Frame with Extension and Slide Frame DFA + SSF

By adding our Slide Frame on the end of the A frame and extending the top pole the simple Double Swing Frame DFA becomes even more fun. Many of our products are modular so you can add a new element as the years go by and as the children’s needs change. A nice easy present from grandparents for the whole family to enjoy.

Triple Swing Frame TFA product listing gallery image

Triple Swing Frame

To add an extra swinging element to the Double Swing Frame we simply extend the top pole and add a third set of swing points. Pictured are a couple of Deluxe Rubber Swing Seats with the lovely Horizontal Tyre in the middle.

Triple Swing Frame with Net Frame and Extension

Triple Swing Frame with Net Frame and Extension

The Triple Swing Frame with Net Frame and Extension is perfect if you have that little bit of extra space in your garden. It is 5.0 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 2.6 metres high. On the end is our Push me Pull You which is a bit like a seesaw and suitable for adults and children to use. The Sling Swing, Trapeze Bar and Rings and the Toddler Seat complete this lovely combination.


Double Swing Frame with Net Frame and Extension and Monkey Bar Ladder Add-on

By adding our Monkey Bar Ladder MBL onto the Net Frame DFNX the whole combinations becomes more of an L-shaped product and really is a mini adventure playground in your garden!

Two Wooden Swing Seats and a Monkey Button on the extension make this combination complete and ready for many children to enjoy at the same time.

Chin Up Bar and Tumble Bar Combination

It’s not often there is one product that is specifically created for both adults and children to use. This Chin Up Bar is perfect for adult outdoor fitness as well as a challenge for the children to try and reach. On the side is a Tumble Bar for endless tumbling fun.

This product is relatively easy to install and requires 3 bags of Postcrete to make sure it is extra secure for all the tumbling. Just keep adding more bars and uprights to create your own outdoor gym.

Wooden Tidy Sandpit garden play sandpit

Wooden Tidy Sandpit

Keeping the little ones occupied outside can often be a real challenge however we’ve made it so much easier with this quality sandpit with built-in folding seats. The two little seats fold down to become a lid to keep unwanted animals out when it’s not being used. We also do a heavy duty Sandpit Cover when you want to keep it protected form winter weather.

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Buy with confidence knowing that we’re doing our bit for the environment..

As part of our commitment to the environment, all timbers used are from sustainably-managed forests. We use machine-rounded, dense, Northern European softwoods that have been pressure-treated and waxed for durability.

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