Bicycle Shelter : MT-BCSH(E)


The Bicycle Shelter provides a strong framework to keep bicycles secure as well as keeping them protected from the elements.

Constructed primarily from galvanised steel this product been designed to withstand daily use and all weather conditions.

This product will help encourage bike use to and from school.

Various sizes and styles are available – we will be happy to advise on the most suitable product for your school or nursery.

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The Bicycle Stand is a tidy and safe way to store bicycles and encourages bike use to and from your business by both visitors and employees. Constructed from galvanised steel this product is extremely robust – vandal proof and is built to last many years.

The Fun Ball Multi Shoot is popular with children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Throw the ball in the top and see where it comes out. This is a fun alternative to basketball as can be used as a standalone item in the play park to encourage physical activity during play time. The Fun Ball Multi Shoot is concreted into the ground.

To order or for more information on delivery and installation please email or call 01577 840570


powder coated galvanised steel frame

high impact polycarbonate glazing


sizes vary

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories