Agility Equipment

Our agility equipment is made from quality European Pine which is robust, attractive and long lasting. Each of our pieces of agility equipment as playground equipment can be an exciting and interesting standalone feature in any playground however we suggest combining a number of thee product to create a unique activity trail for your school or nursery.

We are happy to advise and do layout drawings to enable you to visualise what the various options are taking into account the age group and abilities of the prospective users.

We are highly experienced at creating a combination of products that allow all aspects of physical activity to be challenged such as balance, coordination, stamina, hand-eye coordination and upper body strength.

We recognise the importance of encouraging physical activity in children of all ages at various points throughout the school day. This can be in addition to walking or cycling to and from school. Learning in, through and about physical activity is enhanced by providing in a wide range of items of agility equipment which can be used for outdoor pursuits at break times, lunchtimes, and outwith the school day.

Established patterns of daily outdoor physical activity at an early age are likely to lead to an enthusiasm for sustained physical activity in adult life.

A selection of well positioned and appropriately selected pieces of agility equipment will be an investment that will last for many years to come.

Please contact for more information and to arrange a site visit.

We also do a range of agility equipment using Robinia timber.