Experts in creating wooden play equipment

Caledonia Play – Experts in creating wooden play equipment.

Our Managing Director – Jamie Bruce Jones – has a background in the timber industry

The Jones family business stretches back to 1838 when Mr James Jones started trading in timber and allied products. Jamie has applied his knowledge of timber to creating beautiful products for the outdoor play industry that are made to last.

The beauty and benefits of using timber 

Timber is a natural material made from many different species with a variety of qualities, durability, strength and flexibility. These qualities can be affected by the way the timber is sawn and processed, handled and stored. In short, wood is not timber.

At Caledonia Play we use our experience and knowledge of timber to ensure that the products we design and manufacture are aesthetically pleasing and well constructed.

All the timbers that we use are sourced specifically for the individual qualities of each species ensuring our products require minimal future maintenance and management. Our objective is to build our products not only for strength and durability but also to retain the natural beauty of the timber, making the play equipment more attractive and tactile.

To extend the life and durability of the timber and to reduce the possibility of rot, timbers which are positioned in the ground are fitted with galvanised metal extension feet. These hold the timber clear of the ground eliminating the effect of ground moisture. On larger sections of timber, a heat sealed bitumen sleeve is applied before concreting into position.

Douglas fir, an orange/red wood, is strong and durable without any chemical treatment.

Machine rounded Norway spruce is supplied by our partners’ production line in Central Europe and is slow grown and dense.

Machine rounded timber is approximately 50% stronger than square sawn timber.

Redwood machine rounded poles are quarter sawn to limit splitting of timber. Sawn and dressed timbers are pressure treated and stress graded to C24.

Robinia timber retains the natural shape and taper of the tree, so forming a more natural structure.

Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable.

We only use timbers from sustainably managed sources and many products carry FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody Certification.

Download the FSC Chain of Custody Certification factsheet below.