Grass Safety Mats : SUR-PSM(E)


To prevent ground erosion and to provide an impact absorbing surface with a 2.5m critical fall height (CFH) simply lay our Grass Safety Mats for schools. The grass will grow through and can be cut in the normal way.

The mats are flexible and able to be laid on contoured surfaces with the large holes offering sufficient drainage. They are also wheelchair friendly and can withstand all weathers and extreme temperatures.

If it’s a very wet day and the ground has become particularly muddy – the mats will continue to be a surface that can be walked over which makes them ideal for use on pathways.

Many of the pictures on this website show installations with Grass Safety Mats for schools in place.

Each mat is 23mm thick and is 1.5m long and 1.0m wide.

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We enjoy offering a responsive, tailored service to schools and nurseries so that the teachers and providers can make sure that their outdoor space is exactly suited to the needs of the children at the school. We are always happy to do site visits for the larger projects and have a dedicated delivery and installation team who work throughout the year, whatever the weather, to make sure that your products are properly and safely installed. We also have a fully trained playground inspector who is able to do any checks as required to ensure that the products meet the required standard and that the children will be able to play safely.




heavy duty rubber with large circular cells


length: 1.5m

width: 1.0m

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