Inclusive Double Swing Frame : K-13D+


This product allows two people to swing at the same time. The 4.0m top pole is longer than the standard Double Swing Frame top pole. It can therefore accommodate the two inclusive swing seats which require a little bit more space.

The swing seats are fully inclusive, are supplied with a five point harness and are specifically designed to be used by those with restricted ability, or needing full body support. The unit can also accommodate two standard swing seats, or a cradle swing seats or one of these seats alongside one inclusive swing seat.

The frame is constructed using strong and robust round timbers that have been pressure-treated and impregnated with wax for durability. The whole unit is concreted into the ground as a permanent outdoor feature and has steel feet in order to prevent rot occurring as the timbers are not in direct contact with the soil.

The Inclusive Double Swing Frame is suitable and ideal for play areas for hotels, caravan parks and tourist destinations and has been designed and built to meet the safety standards for commercial play equipment.




Quality pressure-treated wax-impregnated round timbers


4.0m long

2.24m wide

2.78m high

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