Junior Basket Swing : CP-JBS


The Junior Basket Swing for commercial use has been specifically designed for smaller children to enjoy with the basket set lower to the ground allowing them to climb on and off without any assistance.

The basket is suspended on stainless steel chains that are supported by universal swing points fitted into angled support timbers.

The frame is constructed of two large quarter-sawn timbers that are set into the ground with concrete to ensure they are secure. The diameter of the basket is 1.0m.

The simple design also looks good particularly in woodland or rural settings.

Caledonia Play have supplied this product to many commercial organisations and public play areas. We deliver and install all over the UK.

To find out more about the costs involved and the time frame for having this product installed in your play park email sales@caledoniaplay.com or call the office on 01577 840570.

“This company is simply fantastic! Their products are of the highest quality and withstand relentless punishment (kids call it play)…with our swing having easily a billion air miles on it! Beyond this, the standard really presents itself with their customer care. After a number of years it remains as comprehensive, swift and reliable as it was the week we bought our equipment…rare nowadays! We can’t thank Caledonia Play enough for their provision and maintenance, but most importantly their support in bringing our kid’s creative and dynamic play experiences to life.”  YMCA Bellshill via Facebook



pressure treated wax impregnated timber frame

1 x galvanised steel ring and herculean net rope basket


length: 2.0m

width: 1.0m

height: 2.2m


The basket must not be less than 40cm from the ground when installed. this is measured from the outside ring of the basket to the ground.

1.0m diameter basket