Outdoor Playroom : CP-OTP


The Outdoor Playroom creates a wide range of possibilities when it comes to outdoor learning. Constructed from robust timber, this structure comes with one set of double doors and four window openings as standard. Heavy floor beams support tongue and groove flooring.

The roof is set at an angle and is supplied as two large flat panels fitted together and is felted to keep the rain out.

The walls are made from tongue and groove timber that will keep the inside of the structure dry when it rains.

Timber removable panels on the windows allow daylight in when the playroom is in use.

The door latch and hinges are secured with tamper-proof screws.

If you would like to order an Outdoor Playroom for your school or nursery then please fill in our contact form, call the office on 01577 840570 or email our dedication educational play sales team on sales@caledoniaplay.com.

For something a little smaller and to stimulate creative play take a look at our lovely Pyramid House. It is a triangular timber pyramid structure with small windows that have coloured perspex to help create a sensory space that changes depending on the light and time of day.

Alternatively, take a look at our popular Imaginative Den – a unique, unusually shaped structure with no prescribed use therefore stimulating imaginative play. The basic shape is a tetrahedron with a small decked platform at the front. The rear end can be sealed or left open. It is an open structure with no trap points.



timber shed structure with felt roof and stainless steel fittings


Sizes can be made according to requirements.