Log Maze Climber 1 : CP-TMC1


Introducing the Log Maze Climber 1. Our Log Maze Climbers really need to be seen (and climbed on) to be fully appreciated. They are a set of criss-crossing timbers placed at various angles to each other interspersed with nets and ropes. We have four different sizes available so you can choose the one that is best suited to your budget and space available.

The Log Maze Climber 1 is the smallest one and is most suitable for the slightly smaller play areas. Use as a standalone item or in combination with other pieces of outdoor play equipment such as swings, towers and slides.

It combines many play elements of balance, coordination and even role play in one large timber structure. Many children are able to play on this item at one go which makes it a good item to choose if you plan to only have one piece of play equipment. There will be no queues!

This product has three vertical poles supporting the following:

3 x balance beam sections

3 x jungle pole ladders

1 x large horizontal scramble net

1 x parallel balance wire

1 x set of weaving ropes

This product is robust, heavy and durable.

Bitumen Postsaver sleeves are fitted on each vertical point to prevent the timber rotting at the point where it enters the ground.

We recommend 26 x grass safety mats for this product. They prevent ground erosion and provide an impact-absorbing surface with a 2.5m critical fall height (CFH).

Email sales@caledoniaplay.com or call the office on 01577 840570 for further information on delivery, installation and prices for the Log Maze Climber, the Grass Safety Mats, and any of our range of products for outdoor playgrounds.



pressure treated wax impregnated timber poles

stainless steel fixtures and fittings

Critical Fall Height 1.0m

Safety Area 18.5m2

Age 4+


length: 2.51m

width: 2.3m

height: 1.8m