Bonded Rubber Mulch : SUR-BRM(E)


Bonded Rubber Mulch is a mix of rubber and a special polyurethane binding agent and can be used as safety surfacing.

It is a cost effective way to convert a grassed area into an extra play area and can also be installed onto tarmac, however Wet Pour becomes the most cost effective solution in this instance.

Generally installed to a depth of 50mm it gives a critical fall height of 3m.

To see an example of bonded mulch being used around a product take a look at this item in our news.

To meet the requirements of BS EN1176 and BS EN1177 for public use play areas, impact absorbing surfaces should be laid beneath all play equipment with a free height of fall (designed usable height) over 0.6m to a minimum distance of 1.5m from the edge of the structure. Where low level (less than 0.6m) play equipment is installed on grass, no additional surface is required but you may wish to consider using grass mats to reduce ground erosion and muddy patches. If the existing surface is tarmac or concrete, safety surfacing should be installed beneath all external children’s play equipment regardless of the free height of fall.

At Caledonia Play we offer a range of playground safety surfacing, to suit your particular site, including grass mats, rubber wet pour, tiles, synthetic grass and various types of loosefill. We can advise which would offer the most cost effective and suitable option taking into account local factors; existing site, type of play equipment, cost, durability, aesthetic appearance, maintenance and local ground and climatic conditions.


100% recycled rubber shards mulch


any size of area as required